LEM is a group formed in a petrol station in Finland in 2008 while its members were enjoying a pit stop on a high way on their way to Helsinki. They had met earlier, whilst chopping wood on a night watch for a wood-firing kiln.

"Animal Series" was the first project by LEM and it was sponsored by Iittala Group. "Animal Series" tells stories in everyday ceramic tableware through animals, creating new life and meaning for everyday common tableware.

“Sweet fairytale scenery and figures like the unicorns, pink rabbits and canary birds are in
contrast with the macabre themes of blood, death and loneliness.” Asta Boman, Art Historian.

The vessels are made using old Iittala moulds that are out of production: bowls, cups and plates that have simplistic shapes, familiar to Iittala Groups tableware.
By placing animals in the vessels to tell a story, the group is triggering a new life and meaning to these objects. Telling stories that change depending on the viewer, in the same time questioning and stretching the limits of mass production.
The easily approachable animal figures create their own private miniature worlds into each vessel that can be endearing, terrifying, humoristic or twisted depending on the viewer. LEM leaves the stories to the viewers imagination; what stories and meanings do they find behind the humour or macabre?

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